Netflix Packages

Netflix entered the Australian market about eight years ago, and became quite popular mainly due to the very reasonable rates. Because of the conversion rates of the Australian Dollar, the price is even lower than what the American subscribers have to pay.

Netflix has different packages on offer, and you can pick and choose the one that suits you best. But, how do you decide which one is the one for you? To help you, we have compiled the available Netflix packages along with their features. The three packages available are Basic, Standard, and Premium.

Basic Netflix Package

This is the cheapest of all Netflix Packages, priced at AU$8.99/month which is roughly $6.40 in USD. Since the basic Netflix package for US Subscribers is priced at $7.99/month, it is easy to see why Australia has some of the lowest prices. This package, however, does not support HD or Ultra HD.

This does not mean that the shows or movies you can watch are in any way limited. The entire library is accessible, just not in high definition. This package also allows you to view the videos on any device that supports the Netflix app. This includes Smart TVs, tablets, mobile phones, in addition to laptops and computers.

While you can view Netflix on multiple devices, this particular Netflix package does not allow you to view videos on more than one device at a time. So even though you can have up to five profiles under one account, only one person or one profile can be using it at any time.

The data usage in this package would be around 300 MB per hour with low quality videos, and around 700 MB per hour with Standard Definition. Netflix offers a free trial to first time subscribers of all Netflix Packages, including the basic one. This trial period is 30 days long and if you do not like the service, you can opt out of it anytime.

Standard Netflix Package

The Standard Netflix package comes at AU$11.99/month, which is approximately USD 8.60. Again, since the package costs $8.99 in the US, the package is slightly cheaper in Australia.

This package too does not have any restrictions on content, and allows HD video viewing. However, Ultra HD is not allowed. Viewing HD videos would consume about 3 GB per hour in terms of data usage.

No device is restricted under any of the Netflix packages so this one can be viewed on anything that can be connected to the internet. However, the standard package can be viewed on two screens simultaneously.

You get the month long free trial with this package as well, and as with the other Netflix packages, cancelling the service at any time is no issue.

Premium Netflix Package

This is the most comprehensive and resultantly the most expensive of the three Netflix Packages. It is marked at AU$14.99/month (USD 11.60) and is also slightly cheaper than the $11.99 an American subscriber would pay.

With this package, you can get both HD and Ultra HD on a total of four screens simultaneously. Ultra HD requires a data consumption of 7 MB per hour. The free 30 day trial and the anytime cancellation policy holds true for this package as well.

How to Get More Content With the Australia Netflix Packages

Netflix Australia is fairly limited in the number of titles it has available. Because all the packages have access to all the content, all three packages are limited to around 1200 titles. This little issue can be fixed by signing up for services like Unblock-Us, which can help you get international content.

This can be quite a boost to your viewing since Netflix US has over 9000 titles to choose from. No matter which of the Netflix packages you register for, you can get more for your money with Unblock-Us.