LG Smart TV Netflix

Watching television shows on a Smart TV is a hugely better experience than on a traditional television. You have more freedom with respect to the programmes you get and the pace at which you can watch them. This is true for your LG Smart TV as well. Besides not having to rely on cable TV for shows, you also have the freedom of streaming whatever you want.

With apps for Hulu and Netflix on LG Smart TV ready and available, you are no longer dependent on a third party. Netflix especially is a great service to be subscribed to for its quality of content and features. The only issue is that even with the LG Smart TV, Netflix can be limited by the quantity of content available to Australians.

Netflix Australia has a library of a little over 1200 titles. When you compare it to the 9000 or so available to Netflix US, you might feel a bit cheated. Even countries like UK, Canada, and New Zealand have more titles than Australia. So whether you are watching Netflix on LG Smart TV or a regular computer, your choices will remain limited.

Get American Netflix on LG Smart TV

However, there are ways around this issue as well. The simplest and most popular of them all is Unblock-Us. This affordable service allows you to access any library from Netflix on LG Smart TV. How it does this and how you can get it is what we will explain here.

Netflix uses a technology called Geo-blocking to restrict what you can view. This essentially means that it will give you access to content based on your country. The reason for this is that Netflix might not always have the permission to broadcast a show or movie in the region.

How it knows where you are located is through your IP address. Whenever you log on to the internet on a device, the device gets a specific identification tag. This is unique to your device, and it is based on your location. Your device is directed to websites by the DNS servers of your ISP.

The DNS servers are responsible for telling the website, including Netflix, what your IP address is. Essentially, Unblock-Us redirects you through its own DNS servers to appear to Netflix as if you were in the US. Since Netflix now believes you are in America, it will show you American content.

Therefore, in order to get international content on your LG Smart TV, Netflix needs to be connected through special settings. Here is how you will go about doing this. The first step in this process is registering on Unblock-Us. You will have to go to their website and fill up a simple form, and pick a payment plan.

LG Smart TV – Netflix US with Netflix Australia

Once you have an Unblock-Us account, you need to configure your LG Smart TV. Netflix will pick up your Network settings and connect with that, so this is where you need to make the changes. You need to go to Settings by pressing the button with that name on your remote.

Locate the Network Settings under Network, and start the connection. Select the type of network you have and go to ‘Other Network List’. Click on the Set Expert button and select your Network Connection.

Set your DNS mode to manual, and use the DNS address from Unblock-Us to fill in the primary and secondary DNS values. At this point, your LG Smart TV will test the connection. If all goes according to plan, save the settings by clicking ‘complete’ and restart your TV.

It is important to have one more device that is connected with the same DNS settings so that you can go to the Unblock-Us website. You need to do this so you can verify your service status. This is confirmed if you can see the three green bars. Once this is done, you need to log in to the LG Smart TV Netflix app.

If you don’t have an account with Netflix, you will need to register with them. This is a simple registration process for which you get a free month-long trial of the service. Simply use your account ID to log in and you can enjoy all content of Netflix on LG Smart TV for the complete experience.