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Netflix Playstation Australia

Netflix. Playstation. Netflix Playstation. Mmmmmm. What a combination!

Both of Sony’s recent gaming machines, the PS4 and PS3 are able to play Netflix in Australia.

Both consoles have a really nice app that can be downloaded.

The apps are slick, easy to use and make for an entirely enjoyable Netflix experience.

The set-up experience for each device is a little different, so click below for our Netflix Playstation guides now and get crackin:

Enjoy the hours of entertainment a Playstation combined with Netflix will no doubt bring you.

You’ll be dancing for joy like ol’ Crash here in no time…


Netflix PlayStation Australia Guide

PlayStation started out as a gaming console which has now evolved into a complete multimedia package. Besides playing games on it, you can even use it to stream and view movies, both from your own collection and online. This includes Netflix of course, and setting up Netflix on PlayStation is fairly simple.

You need a Netflix account, first of all, and that is pretty easy to register for. You simply need to fill in the registration form with your personal info and payment details. Since the first month is a free trial, you do not get billed for it. Once you have a Netflix account set up, you need to log in from your PlayStation.

If you do not have the Netflix PlayStation app, simply download it from the PlayStation Store. This involves going into the store, selecting Apps, and then picking Netflix in the Movies/TV section. Once the app is downloaded and installed, just open it and log in with the details you created when registering.

While the Netflix PlayStation app gives you tremendous freedom in what you watch and when you watch it, it does have a limitation. This limitation has nothing to do with PlayStation and everything to do with Netflix Australia.

The issue with Netflix is that it restricts content by region. This means that if you are within a region, you can only see the content that is available there. While this is not a problem if you are in the US, it does become a problem in Australia. This is because Netflix USA offers more than 9000 titles while Australia is limited to just over 1200.

Getting More Content On Your Netflix PlayStation

There are, however, ways to get around this problem. One way is to use a VPN and redirect your entire browsing through their servers. This can make your connection slower, and affect your video streaming.

A better way to do it would be using a DNS based product like Unblock-Us. This can be used to target only the specified websites and thus limit the speed issues tremendously. How the two, VPN and DNS services, help in getting you overseas content is fairly simple.

Netflix identifies your location by the IP address that your device gets when it connects to the internet. This IP address is sent to it by the DNS server that your ISP connects you through. Since your IP address contains details about where you are located, it knows exactly what content to show you.

With a VPN, your entire internet traffic is hidden behind their servers. With Unblock-Us, only the traffic going to Netflix is diverted through their DNS servers. Those then send you through with a new IP address that is based in the region you want to appear from.

With the new IP address, Netflix believes you to be in a different location and shows you that content.

Setting Up Unblock-Us For Netflix On PlayStation

In order to set up your Netflix PlayStation settings to show you international content, the first thing you need to do is register with Unblock-Us. This will get you permission to access their DNS servers. Then you need to go to the internet connection settings on the PlayStation and configure it with the DNS settings provided by Unblock-Us.

After you have checked to see if the settings are saved, you will need to restart your PlayStation for the new settings to take effect. Once that is done, and your Netflix PlayStation app is working, you can now browse through the much bigger US Netflix library.