Netflix Android

Android devices are known for their adaptability and customisability. You can install apps that you want by downloading them from the Google Play Store. You get more options in apps, as well as more free stuff than on Apple devices. This is why a Netflix Android app was inevitable.

Netflix is a great service that you can buy and use to stream videos directly on to your android device. Netflix entered the Australian market fairly recently, and already the Netflix Australia Android app is highly sought after.

With just a subscription to Netflix Australia, Android users can turn their devices into complete entertainment systems. However, the entertainment value may be slightly diminished by the fact that Netflix Australia has limited programming available. When compared to Netflix USA, Australian subscribers get a fraction of the programme variety.

Get the Netflix US Variety on the Netflix Australia Android App

This is why Unblock-Us decided to help you turn your Netflix Australia Android app into an international traveller. Unblock-Us is a DNS redirecting service that tricks Netflix into believing you are logging in from within the US. It uses the fact that Netflix limits the content you can view on the basis of your location drawn from your IP address.

When your device logs on to the internet, it goes through the DNS servers of your ISP. The DNS servers convey your IP address to the website you are visiting. The Unblock-Us service simply takes you through independent servers and gives you an American IP address. Then, when you log in on your Netflix Android app, it takes you straight to the American content directory.

If you think you would like to have this facility on your Android device, you first need to go to the Unblock-Us website and create an account. To register there, you will be asked to fill up a simple form. The service costs very little, at $50 for the annual payment plan. This will give you access to their server.

Setting Up the Network to Access Netflix Android US Content

Now, you will need to change the configuration of your Android device. While the steps involved in Android 2.3 and 4.0 might be slightly different, the theory remains the same. All you need to do is go to the Wireless settings and change the advanced settings to use Static IP.

If you have Android 2.3, you need to copy the current IP address into the IP field. Change the Gateway to the router IP. This is the same as the current IP with the exception of the last number, which will always be .1. The Netmask should be set to The primary and secondary DNS values should be changed to the ones from Unblock-Us.

For Android 4.0, and higher, the IP address, Gateway, and Network prefix should have the same length. This should be set from the standard DHCP. The DNS values to be entered are the same as earlier too.

Once you have made the above changes, the device will have to be restarted. It is advisable to verify the configuration by visiting the Unblock-Us home page on the device’s browser. Once the connection starts working, you can open the Netflix Android app and log in with the email id and password for Netflix.