Netflix NZ

Netflix is one of the most popular online video streaming services available, and it is slowly expanding to offer its services to multiple countries. New Zealand is one of the countries that Netflix caters to. While the selection offered on Netflix NZ is not as extensive as American Netflix, there is still exclusive content there that is not available in Australia.

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Netflix New Zealand has around 1700 titles compared to Netflix Australia. While the gap in numbers is not huge, the fact is that there is a discrepancy. What if an Australian Netflix subscriber wanted to watch a title that was available on Netflix NZ but not on Aussie Netflix?

The best way to get access would be by using Unblock-us. This product allows you to get access to the selection available to all Netflix regions, including Netflix New Zealand.

Using Unblock-Us to Browse through the Netflix NZ Collection

Unblock-us uses the fact that Netflix actually allows its subscribers access to the regional library if they are in that country to get you the content. How it does this is quite simple. Netflix uses your IP address to zero in on your location.

Your IP address is the unique identification number that your device gets when it connects to the World Wide Web. This ID contains information about the geographical location of your device. Once Netflix gets your IP address, it shows you only the content that is available in your region.

What Unblock-us does is sends you through its own DNS servers to emerge from the country of your choice. The DNS servers mask your IP with the IP of the country you came out in, making Netflix believe you are physically there. This ‘unlocks’ the content library of that region, without you having to travel there.

How to Get Unblock-Us to View Netflix NZ

In order to get Unblock-us, all you need to do is register for a free trial with them. This entails filling in a brief form with your particulars, including payment details. You can opt for a monthly payment plan which will cost you $5 a month. If you want a more cost-effective plan, you can select the annual $50 payment plan.

If you want to see how their service is, you can even opt for their 7 day trial which is completely free. After registering, you just have to set up the configurations on your device. This can be made even simpler if you download their easy set-up app which will do the needful for you.

Once it has been set up on your device, you just need to specify that you want to appear to be in the New Zealand region. When you log in to Netflix with a NZ IP address, you will automatically be redirected to the Netflix New Zealand library.

To get information about whether a show or movie is available on Netflix NZ, you can use FlixList. This is a directory which lists all titles offered by Netflix. You can search here to see if a title is available on Netflix, and which regions it is offered in. Simply look up the information and confirm whether Netflix New Zealand offers the title.

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