Netflix Review

Before Netflix had its launch in Australia, everyone was eagerly looking forward to getting this service. Now that it is here, a lot of people are still wondering if it is worth subscribing to. This Netflix review is to help those who are looking for comprehensive information that will tell them what the service is like.

There are plenty of Netflix reviews available online but here is what we think of the video streaming site. The first thing you would want to consider is the cost. Netflix is available in Australia with three price packages. The basic package is for $8.99, while the standard and premium are marked at $11.99 and $14.99 respectively.

Netflix Review: Cost Analysis

The basic package allows only one screen to view SD-quality videos even though you can have it on multiple devices and five profiles per account. The premium package allows up to four devices simultaneously viewing on one account and offers Ultra HD quality videos.

The premium might be too much for the regular user, while the basic package might not serve the needs of a family. For most people, the standard package would be ideal, both in terms of the cost and number of screens.

Another cost that most people would forget about is the internet charges. Even when viewing at the lowest quality, you would need 300 MB/hour in data usage. This goes up to 700 MB/hour with SD, 3 GB/hour for HD, and 7 GB/hour for Ultra HD. If you have a limited data plan, Netflix might eat up a lot of that quota.

Some ISPs do provide internet plans where the Netflix usage is not counted towards the internet usage, so you might want to look at those. You will also need a minimum of 5 Mbps or higher for ideal viewing.

Netflix Review: Usability and Device Compatibility

Netflix is very versatile when it comes to viewing on various devices. You can sit in front of your TV and view it through Apple TV, your Smart TV, or even your gaming consoles. If you are on the move, you can use your phone or tablet to view videos.

Netflix ‘saves’ the point at which you stopped watching any video. This means you can watch ‘bite-sized’ portions and not worry about losing the stopping point. Whenever you go back to that video, Netflix will start at the point you stopped it last.

If binge watching, Netflix automatically plays the next episode as soon as the one you are watching ends. In terms of usability, it is quite intuitive and easy to use. It is also quite easy to get used to, making normal video or television-watching feel restrictive.

Netflix Review: Content in Australia

According to all Australian Netflix reviews, the one major drawback of Netflix in Australia is the content availability. There are around 1300 titles or less as compared to the 9000 or more titles in the USA collection.

This problem is easily solved with products like Unblock-Us which can get you access to international libraries. With that in your hands, you have access to great content from over the world.

The best thing about Netflix is that you will be spoiled for choice with similar genres. There is more content available with Netflix through Unblock-Us than you might have time to go through.