Netflix PS3 Australia

Netflix is a great video streaming service, and it is designed to function on multiple devices. This includes the PS3. Having Netflix on PS3 allows you to stream videos through your console and gives you greater flexibility in television viewing.

Getting Netflix on PS3 is as easy as clicking on the Netflix icon on the home page and downloading. If for some reason the icon is not visible on the home page, you can simply visit the PlayStation Store and look for it under Movies/TV apps.

In order to view content on Netflix, PS3 requires you to have a pre-existing account. You can create this by visiting the Netflix site and registering there. This only involves filling out a simple registration form. The form will ask for your information and payment details.

Since the first month is a free trial, you will only be charged for the subsequent months. Part of the registration process also involves creating a login ID and a password, which you will need to log in. You can open the Netflix PS3 app, and log in there.

However, before you do that, you might want to consider the fact that Netflix Australia has much less content that Netflix US. Having Netflix on PS3 will grant you access to only the 1200 or so titles available to Aussie subscribers. This is a fifth of the over 9000 titles that American subscribers get.

How Can You Get More Content On Netflix PS3?

In order to get American content on Netflix PS3 in Australia, the first thing you need to know is how Netflix limits you. When you connect to the internet with your PS3, you have to go through the DNS servers of your ISP. These DNS servers direct you to the appropriate website.

Once you hit the website you want, the servers proceed to give the site your IP address. This unique ID of your device contains information about your physical location. Once Netflix has your geographic position, it shows you only the list of titles that are available in that region.

The good news is that Netflix does not limit you by your country of registration. This means that if you are travelling, you will be able to see the content of that region. If you want to view American content, you therefore need to make Netflix believe that that is where you are.

The simplest way to do this, without actually travelling to America, is by using Unblock-Us. This is a DNS based product that hides your true location from Netflix. What it does is sends you through its own DNS servers with an American IP address. This way you get American Netflix on PS3 devices in Australia.

Setting Up Unblock-Us for Netflix on PS3

The first thing you need to do is register with Unblock-Us by filling in their registration form and opt for the free trial. They will then grant you access to their servers. Then you need to change the settings on your PS3.

Simply go to the Network Settings and select Internet Connection Settings. You will be told that this would disconnect you from the internet. Just click on Yes, and move on to configuring the settings. You need to keep the settings on Custom, until it is time to alter the DNS settings.

In the DNS settings, enter the primary and secondary addresses for the Unblock-Us servers. Once that is done, keep pressing the right button until it asks you if you want to check the connection. When you have confirmed that the connection is working fine, shut down the PS3 and restart it.

To get Netflix on PS3, simply log in to Netflix with your account details. If you were already logged in, you will need to log out and re-login. You now have access to the entire Netflix US library on your Netflix PS3 app!