Panasonic Netflix

Smart TVs are the television industry’s acknowledgement of the fact that the way we watch TV has changed drastically. No longer are we limited to what is available on the television channels that we get. Smart TVs like Panasonic Smart TV allow you to connect to the internet and browse through everything available there.

You can manage your media with apps, or watch what you want with Over-the-top content. They allow you to install apps that let you stream shows directly on to your TV, and one of them is Netflix. Just as televisions have evolved into Smart TVs like Panasonic, Netflix is the next generation of TV programming.

Netflix is a service that lets you stream videos on demand for a small subscription fee. This is a fast-growing service that has a number of great features that make it so appealing. Unlike traditional television, it allows you to watch shows and movies whenever you want. You can go through episode after episode without a break, or space it out.

Netflix allows you to create multiple profiles and each profile is catered to on the basis of what was watched and liked. This means that every family member can have their own preferences catered to. Netflix even remembers if a video was stopped mid-way and plays it from that point when you go back to it.

With the features of a Smart TV like Panasonic, Netflix becomes a complete entertainment experience. What would be the only fly in the ointment is the fact that Netflix Australia has a fairly limited selection of titles to view. It has just over 1200 titles compared to over 9000 that are available to Netflix USA.

Another problem that you might face is that some older models of Panasonic might not allow the Netflix app to be downloaded. This is because these were made before Netflix became available in Australia. Now, with it being available, you can utilise the Netflix services if you can get the Panasonic Netflix app.

Download the Panasonic Netflix App and Unlock Overseas Content

Fortunately, both the content limitation and the app download restriction can be bypassed with the help of Unblock-Us. This handy little product allows you to find a way around the geo-restrictions placed by Netflix. Here is how it does it.

Netflix uses your IP address to figure out where you are, and then redirects you to the content available in your region. Your IP address is provided to it by the DNS server of your Internet Service Provider. Unblock-Us simply sends you through with an American IP address with the help of its independent DNS servers.

Since the Netflix services are travel-friendly, you will get the content of the region it believes you to be in. This means that with an American IP, you will immediately get access to Netflix USA.

Unblock-Us Teams Up With Panasonic Netflix App to Give You Unrestricted Content

In order to accomplish this, you first need to set up an account with Unblock-Us. Their website has a simple form that you can fill up to register. Once you have selected a payment plan and entered the payment details, you get permission to use their servers. Now you need to configure your Panasonic TV.

Go to Settings and look for Network Connection. Select what kind of internet connection you are using. This can be a wired connection or Wi-Fi. Go to Network Settings and click on Custom to change the settings manually. Under the DNS Setting Mode, fill in the primary and secondary DNS addresses from Unblock-Us.

Save the settings and restart your Panasonic Smart TV. With the new settings in place, open the Panasonic Netflix app and log in with your Netflix account login. If you do not have a Netflix account, you can quickly create one. You even get a free 30 day trial when you register.