Netflix Xbox One Australia

The Xbox One is a very popular gaming console that was developed by Microsoft. It is also adapted for multimedia management which allows it to stream videos for you through apps. Among the many video streaming apps that can be installed on it, the most comprehensive is Netflix. Xbox One allows you to log in to your Netflix account to view content.

Netflix is a great service that allows you access to its regional library upon registration. You can go through lists of TV series and movies and pick the ones you want to watch. It will even offer you suggestions on what to watch next based on your previously watched shows. Netflix on Xbox One has all this great functionality and more.

You can set up multiple accounts, set child friendly parameters, pin shows you want, and much more with Netflix on Xbox One. All you need is a Netflix account and the Netflix Xbox One app. This can be downloaded from the Apps store.

If you do not have a Netflix account, you can create one quickly and easily. While you do need to enter your payment details to create the account, the first month is offered free for trial. After that, you just need to open the Netflix Xbox One app and log in with your newly created ID.

However, you will be restricted in the content you can watch as Netflix Australia only offers a little over 1200 titles in its library. This is just a fraction of what the American viewers get, which is over 9000 titles. To get the most out of your Netflix-Xbox One experience, you need to know how to get access to all that extra content.

Getting Global Content for Netflix on Xbox One

Thankfully, it is made very simple with DNS products like Unblock-Us. Unblock-Us is a service that lets you use its DNS servers and provides you with an American IP address to log into Netflix. Why this is relevant is because Netflix knows where you are through your IP, which is location-based.

Armed with an American IP through Unblock-Us, you can get American Netflix on Xbox One in Australia. This means you can enjoy the more extensive American library. The first step towards this is to register with Unblock-Us. Once you have created an account with them, you will be allowed to use their DNS servers.

This process is fairly simple, and you get a free seven day trial period to see if you like their service or not. Even without the free trial, their rates are quite affordable at a mere $50 for the annual payment plan.

After you have created the account, you need to change some of the Network settings on your Xbox One. The main change you would be making is to set the DNS settings under your Network settings to ‘Manual’. This would allow you to enter the primary and secondary DNS provided by Unblock-Us.

Once you have checked to see if the changed settings are working, and the Xbox Live is connecting, you need to restart the console. Restarting will allow it to connect afresh with the new settings. At this point, you can open Netflix on Xbox One and log in. You might need to log out first, if you had already logged in earlier.

From this point onwards, you can get access to the wonderful collection of titles available to Netflix US viewers from the comfort of your own home!