Netflix Australia Alternative

Netflix is the most popular name in video streaming the world over. It is a service that you subscribe to in order to gain access to their video library. They have different packages and each one has its plus points. However, how does Netflix fare against other similar services in Australia?

Here is a basic and easy to understand comparison of Netflix against all Netflix Australia alternatives. The Netflix Australia alternative being discussed here are Foxtel Play, Presto, Stan, and Quickflix.

Netflix Australia Alternatives: Price Points

Netflix has three plans at $8.99, $11.99, and $14.99 monthly. You get access to all the content with all these plans. The only factors the plans affect are the video quality and the number of streams at a time. There is no contract to bind you, and you get a 30 day free trial.

Foxtel has prices based on the channel packs you pick, with the bare minimum being $25 and the most expensive at $120 per month. There is no contract and you get 2 weeks free trial.

Stan is priced at $10, with no lock in period or contract, and has a 30 day free trial.

Presto costs $9.99 for the TV show plan, $9.99 for films, and $14.99 for both. You get a 30 day free trial with no contract.

Quickflix comes at a flat $9.99 per month, and also offers a 30 day trial and no contract.

Netflix Australia Alternatives: Platforms

All of these are supported by a variety of platforms. These include PC/Mac, tablets, mobile phones, Apple TV, Smart TVs, video game consoles. Presto is not available on Apple TV or gaming consoles, but on all the others. Quickflix is also available on TiVo.

Netflix Australia Alternatives: Screens

Netflix allows you to watch on multiple devices, but limits the streams to 1 stream for the basic package, 2 for standard, and 4 for premium. Stan too allows unlimited devices and allows 3 streams.

Foxtel, in comparison, allows only 3 devices, and 2 streams. Similarly, Presto allows 4 devices and 2 streams. Quickflix offers the highest device numbers in the limited options with 6 devices, with 3 streams.

Netflix Australia Alternatives: Library Size

The number of titles available to Netflix Australia is around 1200, which includes both movies and TV shows. Stan and Presto offer a similar number, while Quickflix has about 2300 titles. The programming offered on Foxtel can vary based on the number of channel packages you have subscribed for.

Which Is The Best Netflix Alternative Out Of These Services?

As you can see, Stan and Quickflix both can be a better Netflix alternative if you compare the price for the content you will get. Stan even allows multiple devices while Quickflix limits that. Foxtel is priced highest, and has the shortest trial period.

Based on all the features, Stan is the one that stands out as a possible Netflix alternative, with a low price, more streams, and a similar number of titles. However, Netflix is supported by all platforms, and you can get more content by using Unblock-Us.

At the price you will pay for Netflix Australia, you can get access to international content, including the 9000+ titles available to Netflix US. Since the usability and features offered by Netflix are better than almost any Netflix alternative, you will end up being much more satisfied by ditching the other alternatives and going for Netflix.