Netflix On Smart TV

Smart TVs are the next step in television. These devices are TVs with internet-connecting capability. In essence, they are a hybrid of a computer and a television. This means you can watch traditional television on them, and get online content as well. Most Smart TVs support Over-the-top content like Hulu and Netflix, and it would be a shame not to use this feature.

While in the newer models, you will find in-built Netflix on Smart TV, in the sense that the app would be pre-installed. If it is not, then you would have the capability to search for it and download it. However, some of the older models might not have Netflix pre-installed as Netflix Australia is a recent development.

How to Get Netflix on Smart TV If It Is an Old Model

In order to get the Netflix on Smart TV app on an older model, you might need to do some DNS trickery to be able to download it. Since older models would only allow US and Canada viewers to download the app, you need to appear as if you are in either of those countries.

This can be done by VPNs or DNS based products like Unblock-Us. While VPNs will divert your entire online traffic through their servers, Unblock-Us will be a little more efficient. By sending you through their DNS servers, it will convince Netflix that you are in USA or Canada by changing your IP address.

Your IP address is like your device’s physical address online, and it tells Netflix your exact location in the world. This is how Netflix knows which library to show you. How to watch Netflix on Smart TVs that are older is something changing your IP address can answer.

The first step towards doing so is to create an account with Unblock-Us. This is a quick and easy process which can be done by filling up a form. You can select the monthly or the annual payment options, and register with them. This will allow you access to their DNS servers. The second step would be to configure your Smart TV.

Changing the Settings to Get Netflix on Smart TV

To do so, you will need to change your Smart TV’s Network settings. You will need to find these under settings, and locate the DNS settings. The DNS settings will have to be changed to manual so that you can enter the primary and secondary DNS addresses provided by Unblock-Us.

Once you have determined that the new settings are working, you can search for the Netflix on Smart TV app and download it. In order to make it work, you will need an active Netflix account, which is easy enough to create.

You can disable Unblock-Us at this point, but we would recommend that you keep it on. The reason for this is that Netflix Australia has a very limited content as compared to Netflix USA. It has 1200 or so titles on offer as compared to the 9000+ titles that the US has.

Using Unblock-Us is how to watch Netflix on Smart TV and enjoy the content of not only these two countries but all regions Netflix works in. This not only gives you greater flexibility in what you can watch but also great international content you wouldn’t get otherwise.