Netflix Canada

Learn how to get Netflix Canada in Australia…

Here’s why you’d want to do that:

Netflix Australia = 1,000 movies and TV shows in the catalogue
Netflix Canada = 3,600+ movies and TV shows in the catalogue


Are they for real? 4 times more content?

Yes, they are indeed for real… Jim Carrey.

The people of your fine homeland get almost 4 times more movies & TV shows on Canadian Netflix compared to us poor folk down here in Australia.

So the question is, how do you get Netflix Canada in Australia? It’s a really simple process that involves only a few steps. You’ll be up and running in five minutes.

They are:

  1. Sign up for an ExpressVPN account here – they offer a free trial so you can make sure it works
  2. Use the account to set your internet connection so it appears as if it’s in the Canada
  3. Sign-up for Netflix – they also offer a free trial so you can see if it’s for you or not
  4. Start enjoying Netflix content on your PC, Mac, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iPhone, iPad, Android and any number of other devices!