Netflix DNS Australia

netflix-dns-australiaLook how nerdy that diagram is. Must be some sort of Netflix DNS wizardry going on.

Netflix is a name that everyone knows of, even if they have not used the service yet. Having entered the Australian market a mere eight years ago, this video streaming service still has a growing base of subscribers. The biggest hurdle that they face, however, is the fact that Netflix Australia does not offer a lot of variety in programming.

This is fairly obvious in the number of titles available to Netflix Australia as compared to Netflix USA. This is one of the main reasons why Australian subscribers are looking for ways to get access to the Netflix US library. The most popular method thus far has been the Netflix DNS redirection route.

What Is DNS Redirection And How Does Netflix DNS Australia Work?

In order to understand how Netflix DNS redirection works, there are two points you need to bear in mind. The first is that Netflix is travel-friendly, which means that it will show you content of the region you are physically in. You are not restricted to the content of the region you registered in.

The second thing to remember is that Netflix knows your physical location by a little string of numbers that identify your device. This string of numbers is your IP address, and this ID is unique to your device. It is also dependent on your location.

When you connect to the internet on any device, that device gets this unique identification number. When you type the web address of the site you want to navigate to, the address goes to the DNS server of your ISP. The DNS server is responsible for translating the name you typed into its corresponding IP address and then redirecting you to that address.

While it is doing so, it also sends your IP address to the destination site. Your IP contains information of your location. Once it gets that from your DNS, Netflix immediately knows where you are browsing from and shows you the relevant library. Therefore, in order to view all content of Netflix, DNS redirection works as a cloaking device to hide your true location.

DNS based services like Unblock-Us help open Netflix DNS Australia to global content by redirecting all your traffic going to Netflix through their own DNS server. From there, they give you a new IP address that is from any other region of your choice. When the new IP reaches Netflix, it assumes you are physically in that region and shows you the content specific to the same.

Why Is Unblock-Us the Best Netflix DNS Australia Solution?

With the Unblock-Us Netflix DNS, Australia based subscribers can view content from anywhere in the world. The best thing about this service is that it is not as slow as VPN services. Because VPN services usually divert all your traffic through their servers, it ends up making your entire browsing slow.

Unblock-Us only affects the Netflix DNS properties thus keeping the rest of your browsing unaffected. The other advantage Unblock-Us has is that it makes your privacy its priority, and so keeps no logs of your activity online. With the Unblock-Us Netflix DNS Australia service, you can be sure that your tracks are well hidden.

Unblock-Us is one of the best and most reliable DNS Netflix service for Australia. It does not affect your internet browsing speed, and maintains your privacy. It is also cheap at $50 for the annual plan. With all these factors in its favour, it is the best Netflix DNS Australia subscribers can use to view international Netflix content.

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