Samsung Netflix

A Smart TV makes it easier for you to watch the programmes that you want, without being dependent on your cable operator. The Samsung Smart TV is one such device that offers many excellent features that enhance your viewing experience. What’s more, with the availability of Netflix on Samsung Smart TV, you can customise your whole family’s experience.

The Samsung Netflix app gives you the same options you would get with Netflix on any device. You can create multiple profiles, so each family member has their television viewing tailored to their preferences. You get recommendations based on what you have watched and liked. If you stop watching a video midway, it will remember where you stopped.

With so many great features, it is easy to see why Netflix is a must-have for the Samsung Smart TV. However, there may be a couple of slight issues with Netflix on Samsung Smart TV. The first one is that since Netflix Australia is so recent, some of the older models will not allow Netflix to be downloaded.

The second problem is that Netflix Australia has very limited content as compared to Netflix US. The Samsung Netflix app, though very good in itself, is limited by the programming offered by Netflix in Australia.

Fortunately, the solution to both these issues is a little service known as Unblock-Us.

Unblock-Us Helps Get Past the Problems with Netflix on Samsung Smart TV

Unblock-Us is a geo-masking service that can hide your location within the cyber-space. How it does this is simple. Whenever you log on to the internet, you go through the DNS servers of your ISP. The DNS servers direct you to your destination by translating the web address you typed into your browser into the IP address.

This is the numerical identity of the website. Your device also has an IP address which the DNS servers convey to the website you are visiting. Since the IP address is determined by your location, Netflix knows immediately where you are logging in from.

What Unblock-Us does is sends you through its DNS servers with the IP address of the location you want to appear from. With Unblock-Us, when you log in to Netflix on Samsung Smart TV, you can appear to be in the US while you are sitting in Australia.

How you do it is even simpler. You can register for this service by filling in an online form and selecting the payment mode. The first week is free for trial and the annual plan is quite cheap at $50. Once this is done, and you have permission to access their DNS servers, you need to configure your device.

Setting Up Your Smart TV for the Samsung Netflix App

To do this, you need to go into the settings of your Samsung Smart TV. When you press the menu button on the remote, it will take you there. Select the Network settings and enter the passkey if you are connected via Wi-Fi. Once the device has checked to see if the internet is connected, select the IP settings.

You will find the DNS settings under this heading, and you need to manually type in the DNS server address for Unblock-Us before clicking on OK. Wait for the connection to test itself and then save the settings.

If you have an older model, you will need to open the Smart Hub and select the location in order to download Netflix. You need to open the Smart Hub by pressing the Smart button. You then need to hit these keys in this sequence: fast forward, 2, 8, 9, and rewind. This will open the region menu where you can select United States.

You can now download Netflix on Samsung Smart TV and get access to the 9000+ channels that Netflix US has to offer. Simply log in to the Samsung Netflix app with your login details and enjoy.