Netflix Free Trial

The idea of signing up for a service that is as popular as Netflix sounds very tempting. However, you would still want to make sure it was the right thing for you. This is why the Netflix free trial is such a desirable feature for any first time user.

Netflix is a service that you need to subscribe to and that grants you access to its video library. You can stream and watch any video available in your region. There is no limit to how much content you can watch in a day either.

This makes it ideal for the avid television aficionados who like to watch a series in one go rather than wait for each episode. Netflix also has a large collection of popular films that you can watch.

How to Sign Up For the Netflix Free Trial

Signing up for Netflix is very simple. You just have to fill up a form on their website and give them your payment preferences and details. Because the Netflix free trial is available to all first-time subscribers, you will not be charged for the first month. That is a whole thirty days you have to check out the service and the features you will get.

During the period of the Netflix trial, Australia subscribers will get all the features that are available during the paid service. There are no restrictions placed on you and you can use the service exactly as you would once the trial is over.

However, you will notice in the duration of your Netflix trial, Australia as a region has a comparatively small library. US Netflix offers over 9000 titles, Canada has about 4000, UK provides over 3000, and even New Zealand has 1700. This can be a bit of a disappointment for Aussie subscribers who only get access to 1200 titles.

Fortunately, there is a way to get access to not only the American library, but any of the other libraries as well. This can be done by subscribing to Unblock-Us, which is a smart DNS based service.

Get The Most Of The Free Netflix Trial, Australia Subscribers!

Unblock-Us uses DNS redirection to make Netflix believe you are logging in from the region you want to view the content from. In order to avail this service, you need to go on to their website and register there. Once you have filled up a simple form, you will have gained access to their DNS servers.

Unblock-Us is priced at a low $5 for the monthly payment plan and $50 for the annual payment plan. They too offer you a free trial period of seven days so you can assess their service. With this set up on your devices, you can watch the content of Netflix from any region.

In case you want to watch a title, but are not sure about which countries Netflix offers it in, you need not worry. Simply search for it on to see whether Netflix has it and under which region’s collection it is available in. This web-based app has a list of all titles Netflix offers in any region.

With Unblock-Us and Flixlist, you will be able to make the most of the Netflix free trial you get. Even after the expiration of the Netflix trial, Australia Netflix users will not have to be restricted by the smaller library size.