Netflix Plans

Netflix is a great video streaming service that started its life in the US of A. Ever since it entered Australia eight years ago; Netflix has been building up an ever-growing user base. This is because of a combination of great features and great content.

While there are three Netflix Plans you can choose from, all of them offer you a free trial for a month. You can check out the service and if you are not satisfied, you can cancel the subscription with no questions asked.

Another feature that is common to all of the Netflix plans is that you can create up to five profiles under one account. Each profile can have its own set of preferences, and Netflix will tailor it to their viewing habits. This means that it will give you recommendations based on the genres you view under a profile.

This is quite a handy feature as you do not want recommendations of kids’ shows after your little ones finish watching videos. You may even have a spouse or partner with a different taste in films and shows. Having a separate profile for everyone ensures that your profile stays true to your preferences.

Different profiles also help you create a child-friendly profile for your kids to restrict the content accessible to them. However, all Netflix content available to Aussie subscribers is viewable under any of the Netflix plans. The only thing affected is the quality in which you can watch it.

Depending on the quality you view videos in, the data consumption will differ. Low quality videos will consume about 300 MB/Hour, and Standard Definition will use about 700 MB/Hour. High Definition will require around 3 GB/Hour and Ultra HD will use up a total of 7 GB/Hour.

None of the Netflix plans have a restriction on which devices you can stream videos on. Laptops, Smart TVs, tablets, mobile phones, and even gaming consoles can be used.

These are features that are common to all of the Netflix Plans. It is the differences that will tell you which plan is ideal for you. Here is a comparison of the three Netflix Plans.

Netflix Plans: Basic

The basic plan is priced at AU$8.99 a month for unlimited access to content that will only be available in Standard definition. Compared to the US rates, which are US$7.99, you are getting off much cheaper since our rates convert to about US$6.40.

Besides the limit in viewing quality, this plan also restricts the number of screens you can view Netflix simultaneously on to one.

Netflix Plans: Standard

This is slightly higher priced than the basic plan and will cost you AU$11.99 every month. This package is marked at US$8.99 which converts to around AU$8.60.

In addition to being able to view the SD versions of the videos, this plan gives you access to HD as well. Ultra HD however remains off limits under this plan. You can stream videos on two screens at one time with this plan.

Netflix Plans: Premium

This is the most expensive plan available on Netflix. It will cost you AU$14.99, which is about US$11.60 per month, to subscribe to this plan. Since Netflix US subscribers will be paying $11.99 for this same plan, you are getting a good deal.

The premium plan allows you access to Ultra HD, and you can play Netflix on up to four screens at a time.

Less Content a Drawback with Australian Netflix Plans

Even though the pricing for the Australian Netflix Plans is cheaper compared to Netflix US, the amount of content is not as competitive. Netflix US has over 9000 titles to choose from while Netflix AU has to make do with a little over 1200.

The best way to counter this problem is by signing up for Unblock-Us, which is a DNS redirection service. This will get you access to not only the vast library of Netflix USA, but also the other countries Netflix caters to.