Is Netflix Worth The Subscription?

As the broadband speed improves all across the world, more and more people are deciding to ditch the idea of cable and just focus on online streaming services. In the majority of cases, it turns out to be cheaper and leads to access to more content as well as more freedom for the user. If you’re one such individual trying to find out if Netflix worth its subscription, then there are a number of things you’ll have to consider.

Device and Broadband Compatibility

The secret to enjoying Netflix’s exceptional service is to have the delivery process.

While most people enjoy Netflix on their desktops or even laptops, the ones that use large HD televisions are the ones that really squeeze the most out of their subscriptions.

This means that you need a high quality device to play Netflix films and shows along with a good broadband connection to ensure that the title is streamed in high resolution and without buffering. Many modern HD televisions come pre-quipped with the required app for Netflix while others may require a gaming device or computer to be attached via the HDMI port.

Benefits of Educational Titles

One aspect of Netflix programming that isn’t commonly known about is the vast variety of educational titles available in Netflix’s collection. Many subscribers of

Netflix have revealed that Netflix’s educational titles help their children learn more about numerous subjects such as engineering, nature, and science, amongst others.

This benefit has been cited especially by parents who home-school their children.

Popular and Unique Originals

Netflix is in direct competition with big-name production houses like HBO when it comes to producing and airing originals. Netflix has its own Original Series to compete with shows that other production houses are flaunting as originals.

Moreover, Netflix’s original series are at least comparable with everything else available in the entertainment industry, if not better.

With a Netflix subscription, you’ll get to see shows like House of Cards, Hemlock Grove, and even the new and exotic Marco Polo. If this isn’t enough, Netflix managed to rope in some big name stars for its shows such as Famke Janssen and Kevin Spacey.

Extensive Collection of Films

The collection of films and shows that Netflix has is simply incomparable to any other online streaming service provider in the market. Netflix is widely known in the world to have the most titles when compared to other service providers like Hulu and Amazon Prime. In fact, rough estimates suggest that while Hulu has about 10,000 titles and Amazon Prime has 5,000 titles, Netflix boasts of a massive collection of 25,000 titles.

As if this massive collection isn’t enough, subscribers even have the option of significantly increasing the titles available to them. If a subscriber of Netflix also subscribes to another service like Unblock Us, then he will have the option of unlocking Netflix regions other than the one he has access to.

For instance, if you were living in the US, then Netflix would limit you to only access Netflix US. However, with Unblock Us, you’ll have the chance to access all other Netflix regions such as the UK, Canada, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Finland, and others.

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